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The Ultimate Guide to How to Tape Your Hockey Stick

The Ultimate Guide to Taping Your Hockey Stick

You finally found it… the end all be all guide to a well-taped hockey stick. As we all know, hockey sticks are hockey players’ most prized possession. We wouldn’t be able to dangle, sauce, and snipe without our beloved twigs. And … Read More

Hockey Goalies are Crazy

Hockey Goalies are Batsh!t Crazy

Most people agree, you basically have to be insane to be a hockey goalie. Who, in their right mind, would voluntarily be hit with frozen-hard vulcanized rubber pucks shot at 100+ mph? And to think they used to play without helmets! For … Read More

Craziest Shootout Goals in Hockey History

Craziest Shootout Goals Ever

Since the 2005-2006 season, regular season NHL games that have remained tied after 65 minutes of hockey have been decided by a best-of-three shootout competition. While the implementation of the shootout has had its fair share of dissenters due to … Read More

We've searched and found the craziest hockey intermission games

Craziest Hockey Intermission Games

Since the dawn of time, sports have gone hand in hand with entertainment. From day one there have been promotions during timeouts and intermissions. The problem is as time goes on, fans are becoming less and less intrigued by the … Read More