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40 Things We Love About Hockey

It’s that man-made holiday time of the year again where we affectionately express our love to our loved ones… but what about the sport that captured our hearts years ago?!

Whether you prefer ice, roller, dek, pond, or floor hockey, the sport is simply infectious. And like trying to explain why we love our significant other, we’re often at a loss for words rationalizing our passion for the game – the love is simply ingrained in us.

So, rather than try and explain ‘why,’ our team formulated a list of 40 things we all love about the great game of hockey:

1. Healthy open ice contact

BOOM goes the dynamite! 💥💥💥 #beerleague

A video posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


2. The locker room

Adult League locker room


3. Bar down snipes


4. Benders

Number 69 in your programs, number 1 in our hearts! 😍

A video posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


5. Blocking shots for the team



6. New twigs

  Freshly taped weaponry. 😍🚨 Photo via HPC member @dr.tricks   A photo posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


7. Top shelf backhands


8. Pranking our teammates

Swedish hockey players jumps on the ice without removing his skate guards


Shoe checking your teammate's suede shoes might result in fisticuffs


9. Chirping


10. One the ice, nothing else matters


11. Pregame meals


12. Goal celebrations

May your New Year celly be like Fleury back in 91. 💥🎉🚨   A video posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


13. Sick uniforms

That tape job though. #captainamerica #beerleague #beauty A photo posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


14. A fresh sheet

Double tap if you agree. #hockeyislife A photo posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


15. One-timers


16. Playoff heroics


17. Pissed off goalies


18. Our Lingo/Jargon


19. Sprawling glove saves


20. Sick saucer passes


21. Beauties

Old time hockey. #ThrowbackThursday A photo posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


22. Dirty dangles


23. Pond hockey

  Double tap if you love pond hockey! 🏒🚨👌🏻   A photo posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


24. Sick goalie gear

sick goalie gear Winnipeg Jets sick goalie gear Team USA


25. Fresh tape jobs


26. Puck bunnies

👌🏻 A photo posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


27. Winner beers


28. Coaches losing their cool


29. Our teammates


30. Overtime game winners


31. Being tough

How goalies get ready for the season…#hockeylife #tendy A video posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


32.  Devastating hip checks

Monday’s…   A video posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


33. Tic-tac-toe passing


34. Goalie fights


35. Penalty Shots

So dirty you should probably shower after watching. 🚿   A video posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on


36. Goalies scoring goals


37. Classic movies

classic hockey movie Mighty Ducks classic hockey movie Slapshotclassic hockey movie Youngblood


38. Hockey hair


39. Shorthanded goals


40. Playoff beards

playoff beard Lanny McDonald


Did we miss anything? Comment below!


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2 Responses to 40 Things We Love About Hockey

  1. Matt says:

    Sportsmanship, respect? Like the handshake line after every game no matter what level or team or rivalry or what’s gone on in the game. Or like the Lokomotiv disaster when all the opposition’s fans were offered refunds on their tickets but many still went to the memorial at the rink in place of the game. Or fighting where you can be going all-out but if he pulls out or he’s injured or he’s knocked out you stop.

    Acceptance? Like Pride Tape, Harrison Browne coming out as trans, all the attempts to kick homophobic, racist, and transphobic slurs out of the game. That scene in Goon where the player is calling him a f**got and he goes nuts on him. Or the Toronto Gay Hockey Association. Players going to Pride marches. The rainbow logo jerseys the Canucks players wore to Vancouver Pride. That trans goalie getting on the ice with the Nucks because he’d fought to be able to use the locker room all the other guys on his team used. Or the ‘You Can Play’ campaign.

    And lastly, respect. Like how nobody shouts rude things during the tribute videos for players that died. How we stick tap when an injured player gets up or gets carried off. How hitting a NM is unacceptable. How it takes a lot for a decent player to have a go at the OIOs without talking it through with them first, and hitting one is just plain wrong. Or people respecting the other country’s national anthem when two different country’s teams are playing. Giving an injured player space, helping out (like in one game I went to locally the opposition’s NM got knocked out and one of the home team’s players held the net up off him). And head taps and back pats and all those other little things.

    I don’t know. It’s just there’s a code in hockey, unwritten mostly but still important and still observed and when players don’t — like Shaw’s homophobic comment, like Lucic threatening a Hab in the handshake line, like players who set on a guy who doesn’t want to fight/keep hitting an injured player — they get harsher penalties, expulsions, suspensions, and stick from fans and players on both teams.

    Anyway that’s all I can think of for now. Sorry it’s so long XD