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We've searched and found the craziest hockey intermission games

Craziest Hockey Intermission Games

Since the dawn of time, sports have gone hand in hand with entertainment. From day one there have been promotions during timeouts and intermissions. The problem is as time goes on, fans are becoming less and less intrigued by the … Read More

The Hockey Movie Dream Team

Hockey movies are an essential part of every hockey player’s life. They consume valuable bus trips and provide us with endless locker room material. And like any other classic movies, they’re filled with kickass characters. With so many quality hockey movies … Read More

Holy Puck Facts

What an amazing opening night of the 2016-17 NHL season. In case you live under a rock and are oblivious to the world, the prodigy Auston Matthews scored four…. yes FOUR goals in his NHL debut. In true Toronto Maple … Read More

What Your Goal Celebration Says About You

As we all know, half the fun of scoring a goal is getting to celebrate (celly) afterward. It’s your chance to showcase your supremacy over your opponent while also showing off your moves to the resident puck bunnies (check out … Read More

22 Awesomely Terrible Hockey Cards

Hockey cards don’t get the credit they deserve (we include one in every monthly HPC shipment). For years, baseball cards have been the pinnacle of the sports trading card world in regards to having the most awesomely, terrible cards. But after extensive research … Read More

Understanding Hockey Slang A to Z

After watching a hockey game close up, you might leave thinking you were in a foreign land. “He Went Top Cheddar”… “Look at the Bender”… “Check out the Rocket sitting behind the glass, think she’s a Puck Bunny?”… “Did you see … Read More

The Craziest Stanley Cup Stories

It is the prize of all prizes. Lord Stanley…The Holy Grail…The Stanley Cup. After first being awarded in 1893 to the Montreal Hockey Club, the Stanley Cup has been handed down each year to the winner of the National Hockey … Read More