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Hockey Debate

The Hockey Movie Dream Team

Hockey movies are an essential part of every hockey player’s life. They consume valuable bus trips and provide us with endless locker room material. And like any other classic movies, they’re filled with kickass characters. With so many quality hockey movies … Read More

The Greatest Moustaches in Hockey History

Hockey has had its fair share of moustaches over the years and Hockey Players Club figured with the NHL season right around the corner we should take a look at some of the greatest upper lip blankets the game of hockey has … Read More

The Ten Best Hockey Fights of All Time

The Ten Best Hockey Fights of All Time

Hockey season may be right around the corner but that doesn’t soothe the current pain of waking up every day to no hockey. One of the things missed most by its enthusiasts is a good old-fashioned hockey fight. While some people … Read More

40 Things We Love About Hockey

It’s that man-made holiday time of the year again where we affectionately express our love to our loved ones… but what about the sport that captured our hearts years ago?! Whether you prefer ice, roller, dek, pond, or floor hockey, … Read More