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Change the Angle of Your Shot Like Auston Matthews and Score More Goals [VIDEO]

The game never ceases to evolve, always making its key objective – scoring goals – more and more difficult. Sure, top-of-the-line carbon fiber sticks help the shooters release the puck quickly but it doesn’t make a difference if a defender blocks your shot or the goalie sees it so clean it’s a routine save. That’s why many of the NHL’s top snipers change the angle of their shots to avoid defenders and surprise goaltenders. And few, if any, in the game change the angle of their shot to score goals like young Maple Leaf’s phenom, Auston Matthews.

Since the 2016-17 season, only one player has scored more goals than Auston Matthews… that honor is reserved for Mr. Rocket-Richard-Trophy himself, Alex Ovechkin.

Top NHL goal scorers since the 2016-17 season

But whereas Ovie scores a high number of his goals pounding home one-timers on the power play, Matthews scores most of his goals in and around the net, often times changing the angle of his release to fool opposing goaltenders.

In the video below, Coach Matt, Co-Founder of the Hockey Players Club and Quest Hockey, reviews how Matthews wasted no time this season showcasing his unique ability to utilize a defender as a screen to snipe, as he did in the first game of the season against Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens. Not only does Coach Matt discuss why this is such an effective tool for scoring more goals but also provides tips and a drill to improve your skills at home.

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