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Defog Your Hockey Visor with these Hockey Hacks

Anyone who has played wearing a visor, bubble, or combo knows they can be a nightmare. Just when you thought it’s great to have your eyes protected and your vision unobstructed by bars, your “see through” shield starts to fog. You try and wipe it with your glove but it only gets worse. The more you skate and perspire the thicker the fog gets.

Fortunately this isn’t a new uphill battle for hockey players. And thanks to age of the worldwide web, we noticed 4 recurring suggested remedies for defogging our hockey visors:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Shaving Cream
  3. Dish Soap
  4. Pledge

Simply apply your choice to your shield with a towel, rub in, remove any excess, and let dry. Voila!

Which do you use? Or do you have an old-faithful hockey hack not on the list? Comment below!


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