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Jack Eichel Autographed Jersey Giveaway

October 2016 Giveaway – Jack Eichel Autographed Jersey

The winner will receive a Jack Eichel autographed jersey valued at $579.99.  This Buffalo Sabres hockey jersey has been hand signed by Jack Eichel with permanent market and includes a Certificate of Authenticity and tamper resistant hologram. Your profile must be complete, … Read More

The Greatest Moustaches in Hockey History

Hockey has had its fair share of moustaches over the years and Hockey Players Club figured with the NHL season right around the corner we should take a look at some of the greatest upper lip blankets the game of hockey has … Read More

The Ten Best Hockey Fights of All Time

The Ten Best Hockey Fights of All Time

Hockey season may be right around the corner but that doesn’t soothe the current pain of waking up every day to no hockey. One of the things missed most by its enthusiasts is a good old-fashioned hockey fight. While some people … Read More

What Your Goal Celebration Says About You

As we all know, half the fun of scoring a goal is getting to celebrate (celly) afterward. It’s your chance to showcase your supremacy over your opponent while also showing off your moves to the resident puck bunnies (check out … Read More

22 Awesomely Terrible Hockey Cards

Hockey cards don’t get the credit they deserve (we include one in every monthly HPC shipment). For years, baseball cards have been the pinnacle of the sports trading card world in regards to having the most awesomely, terrible cards. But after extensive research … Read More

Understanding Hockey Slang A to Z

After watching a hockey game close up, you might leave thinking you were in a foreign land. “He Went Top Cheddar”… “Look at the Bender”… “Check out the Rocket sitting behind the glass, think she’s a Puck Bunny?”… “Did you see … Read More

The Official Beer League Hockey Drinking Game

If you are a Beer League hockey player, then surely hockey is your favorite game. Whether it’s the speed, physicality, finesse, or camaraderie, you understand nothing else quite compares. But then again, who doesn’t love a good ol’ drinking game? … Read More