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VIDEO: 5 Drills to Improve Your Snapshot

Today’s game is fast and highly skilled.  Players have limited time and space to shoot in the offensive zone.  The quickest hockey shot is the snapshot.  The snapshot requires little time and space to get the puck to the net … Read More

HPC Podcast, Episode 6

Per usual, the HPC podcast crew gets us up to speed on everything current in the NHL. The boys review the Coyotes and Flames current win-streaks, John Stevens being canned as the Kings continue to struggle, Pettersson and Boeser’s growing … Read More

HPC Podcast, Episode 5

Listen and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or Soundcloud. Kitts provides a quick NHL roundup and the crew briefly revisits the McDavid-Crosby debate before discussing Arby’s desperate attempt to giveaway curly fries at Wings’ games and if the NHL is getting soft as … Read More

HPC Podcast, Episode 4

In episode 4, Kitts gets everyone up to speed on the NHL before the crew discuss the Ducks retiring Paul Kariya’s number,  he and other NHL players’ battles with concussions, if the NHL should allow or possibly embrace medicinal cannabis, and Mike … Read More

HPC Podcast, Episode 3

In episode 3 of the Hockey Players Club podcast, the crew review last week’s Weekly Picks results: Kitts has another solid showing, Kus finally figures out how to play and shows he might not be as dumb as he looks, all … Read More

HPC Podcast, Episode 2

The HPC Podcast crew candidly discuss Johansen’s “walk off,” Kane & Matthews dueling celebrations, Hartnell retiring, Tom Wilson’s suspension, top power play producers around the league, and Kittelberger outscoring Rubes and Kus in last week’s Weekly Picks… all before debating … Read More

HPC Podcast, Episode 1

The Hockey Players Club Podcast covers the latest and greatest of all things hockey! Hosted by the HPC co-founder, Brandon Rubeo (“Rubes”), and friends and teammates, Kevin Kustron (“Kus”) and Kyle Kittelberger (“Kitts”), the crew candidly debate their favorite and … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to How to Tape Your Hockey Stick

The Ultimate Guide to Taping Your Hockey Stick

You finally found it… the end all be all guide to a well-taped hockey stick. As we all know, hockey sticks are hockey players’ most prized possession. We wouldn’t be able to dangle, sauce, and snipe without our beloved twigs. And … Read More