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16 Puck Accuracy Shooting Challenge

Brandon Rubeo of the Hockey Players Club and Quest Hockey explains and plays two rounds of the 16 puck accuracy shooting challenge.

Inspired by a young hockey player by the name of Brady Williams, who shared his YouTube video (scoring an impressive 12 out of 16 pucks) on the hockey players subreddit, HPC co-founder and Quest Hockey skills coach Brandon Rubeo decided to try his hand at the 16 puck accuracy shooting challenge.

The 16 puck accuracy challenge is simple:

  • Gather 16 pucks
  • Snipe the four corners of the net, starting with the bottom left, then top left, top right, and bottom right.
  • Don’t proceed to the next corner before you hit the previous.
  • Tally up how many pucks you score in total.
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Round 1 [0:33]:

Armed with his lethal HPC X1X, Coach Brandon hit his first 5 pucks but missed his 6th puck, designated for the top left corner. Coach Brandon regained his composure and proceeded to snipe the following 10 pucks, ultimately scoring 15 out of 16 pucks in his first round of the 16 puck accuracy shooting challenge.

*An upset Happy Gilmore made a brief cameo to scold the one puck that was “too good” for its home 😂

Round 2 [1:16]:

Far from satisfied thanks to puck #6 of round 1, Coach Brandon battled back with the eye of the tiger, determined to snipe all 16 pucks in round 2.

With his head up, Coach Brandon used his trusty wrist shot to surgically work his way around the four corners of the net, ultimately sniping all 16 pucks!

*Happy Gilmore celebrated Brandon going 16 for 16 in the 16 puck accuracy shooting challenge by doing the bull dance‘feeling the flow, workin’ it.’

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