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2-1-2 Forecheck Perfectly Executed by Islanders

Coaches – use this video clip to help your players master the 2-1-2 forecheck.

The 2-1-2 Forecheck is one of the most common forechecks used by hockey teams to create offense. The goal is to pressure the other team with two forecheckers until possession is gained.

How the Islanders executed the 2-1-2:

F1: #32 Ross Johnston

F2: #47 Leo Komarov

F3: #44 Jean-Gabriel Pageau

The entire play starts with a well-executed soft dump to the corner or the strong side of the ice where the Islander forwards are.  Here, the Flyers’ goalie Carter Hart can’t play the puck.

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F1 and F2 of the Islanders move their feet and create pressure on the puck/Flyers defense.

F1, Johnston, does a really good job of pressuring the Flyers’ defenseman.  Not only is he hard on the puck, but he separates the man from the puck thereby creating a turnover.

F2 is there to support F1 and scoop up the loose puck.  F2, Komarov, does a great job of quickly picking up the loose puck and looking for F3.

F3, who is supposed to stay high in the slot in the middle of the ice or slightly on the weak side, does a great job of reacting to the turnover and moving to the stronger side of the ice to create a passing lane.

It’s worth noting that #14 of the Flyers, Sean Couturier, over commits here, which is how Pageau is so wide open in front of the net.  Couturier should have his head on a swivel to make sure he’s accounting for F3.  Instead, he puck watches and loses F3.  You can see how there are three Flyers players down low, while there are only two Islanders players.  When Komarov is able to chip the puck past Couturier, Pageau finds himself all alone in front.

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