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20-Minute Stickhandling Workout Covering 21 Drills to Improve Your Hands

Coach Brandon from Quest Hockey is back with a 20-minute stick handling workout covering 21 progressive stickhandling drills that can be done on or off the ice to improve your hands.

You will need one puck or stickhandling ball to stickhandle with. Plus, two obstacles to stickhandle figure-8’s around in the second period of this 20-minute stickhandling workout.

Coach Brandon uses two pucks as obstacles but you could always use cones, gloves, old rolls of hockey tape (don’t mess up the fresh stuff!), or really whatever!

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Remember, it’s important to have your top hand up and away from your body to provide your top wrist full range of motion to stickhandle.

And it’s okay to look down as you perform these drills as you develop the movement and feel of each stickhandling drill. Once you can confidently handle the puck without looking down, challenge yourself to get your head up and scan your surroundings.

Without further ado, here is a 20-minute stickhandling workout covering 21 stickhandling drills to improve your hands:

First Period

1. Tight stickhandle, out front

2. Double-tight to wide, out front

3. Tight stickhandle, forehand side

4. Double-tight to wide, forehand side

5. Tight stickhandle, backhand side

6. Double-tight to wide, backhand side

Second Period

7. Vertical figure-8’s, out front

8. Horizontal figure-8’s, out front

9. Horizontal figure-8’s, forehand side

10. Horizontal figure-8’s, backhand side

Third Period

11. Tight toe drags, out front

12. Long toe drags, out front

13. Long toe drags, forehand side

14. Long toe drags front to forehand side, all forehand touches

15. Tight toe drags, behind

16. Long toe drags forehand side to behind, all forehand touches

17. Long toe drags front to forehand side to behind, all forehand touches


18. McDavid Crossovers

19. Hard deke, shift your weight

20. Fake shot pull to your backhand

21. Datsyuk fake pull to your backhand

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