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The 4 Goals Every Hockey Player Wishes To Score

While packing hockey tape, laces, and other essentials for our members, our team discussed the various game situations as young aspiring players we all played out in our driveways or daydreamed otherwise. Between the chirping and debating, we came up with 4 goals every hockey player wishes to score in their playing career, regardless of what level it culminates:

5 on 3 Shorthanded Goal

Want to swing some momentum for your team? Kill a 5 on 3 power play. Want to completely deflate the other team? Score a 5 on 3 shorthanded goal. You’ll have their entire team wondering “how the hell did that just happen?!”

Water Bottle Seeking One Timer

Few things are as exciting as teeing up a one timer. Problem is, unless you’re in the show there’s a solid chance you’re not quite sure where that one timer is headed — you just know you’re swinging for shelf. You make solid contact and watch the trail of the puck as it obliterates the goalie’s water bottle. Not only did you snipe but you just further demoralized and pissed of their goalie. Jackpot!

Coast to Coast Rush

Your relentless back check creates a turnover and now you have the puck deep in your own zone. No worries, you got this. Accelerating out of your end and through the neutral zone you’re easily weaving in and out of the opposition’s initial wave of forecheckers. Now with their D-pair in site you make a quick fake to the inside causing the partners to crash into each other setting you free in on goal. Not satisfied being ‘all Swedish and no Finish,’ you bury the biscuit! Now all that’s left is waiting for your teammates to celebrate and remind you of the magic you just displayed. Take a look at this dandy by Datsyuk in his rookie season:

Overtime Stanley Cup Winner

Every hockey player ever has dreamt of it, but only 16 players in NHL history have scored an overtime Stanley Cup-clinching goal. Recently, Alec Martinez [below] and Patrick Kane have added their names to the heroic list. But, arguably the most controversial goal in NHL history was Brett Hull’s clincher against Dominik Hasek and the Buffalo Sabres in 1999. Nonetheless, if you’re fortunate enough to find your name on the list of 16, you’ll have a lifetime of stories about your goal and the celebration that quickly ensued!

Comment below if we missed any that should be added to the list!


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