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5 Reasons Every Hockey Player Should #DRINKTHEPINK

There is good reason BioSteel is the only brand of sports supplements offered by the Hockey Players Club. Their commitment to providing an evidence-based product made with the highest quality ingredients is simply unparalleled in the supplement world. It’s difficult to spot an NHL locker room where you can’t find the naturally-colored pink performance drink. Besides the fact it tastes great, we have 5 other reasons we believe every hockey player [it’s perfectly safe for kids too!] should be drinking BioSteel’s High Performance Sports Drink. And don’t forget to take advantage of our free shipping and include it in your next Hockey Players Club package!

Matt Nichol Knows His Stuff

Former strength trainer of the Toronto Maple Leafs, BioSteel founder Matt Nichol has established himself as an elite trainer and premier resource to all athletes trying to take their game to the next level. Working with athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, CFL, NCAA, and Team Canada, he’s renowned for his detail-oriented approach. Carolina Hurricanes defensemen Jay Harrison says, “We believe in him. He’s so well researched. He’s so confident. His results speak for themselves.”

Left to right: Daniel Winnik (TO Maple Leafs, C), Andrew Cogliano (ANA Ducks, C), Matt Nichol (BioSteel Founder), Matt Stajan (CGY Flames, Center), Mike Cammalleri (NJ Devils, LW), Jason Wilson (NY Rangers draft pick, LW). Photo by Arsenik Photography

Left to right: Winnik (TO Maple Leafs), Cogliano (ANA Ducks), Matt Nichol (BioSteel Founder), Stajan (CGY Flames), Cammalleri (NJ Devils), Wilson (NY Rangers draft pick). Photo by Arsenik Photography

Utilizing the same scientific approach he applies to training, Nichol is similarly well versed in nutrition and sports supplements. After working in sport supplement formulation, where Nichol sourced the highest quality ingredients and techniques from around the world, he became Canada’s first Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor where he’s able to scientifically identify and optimize an individual’s diet and supplement intake.

Calgary Flames captain Mark Giordano explains, “You can just tell the knowledge he has. He’s very technical. There’s a lot of science behind what he does. All the great players come out here so you can tell he’s doing something right.”

BioSteel Camp Champs

BioSteel Camp Champs

Unmatched Quality and Ingredients

When the NHL unveiled their new anti-doping laws in 2004, Nichol acknowledged an opportunity. None of the company’s’ supplements he previously provided could be verified, therefore he decided to solve the problem himself. Combining his experience and educational background with a team of scientists, Nichol created BioSteel to the highest standards imaginable. He explains, “I bought all the raw materials and I had it blended and we sent it off for drug testing. At least they knew the products they were using would be safe.”

Unlike most sports drinks, BioSteel contains no sugar, preservatives, caffeine, lactose, additives, or unnatural coloring. It’s rich in electrolytes, gluten free, and diabetic and vegan friendly. All in all, this stuff is built for the athlete who wants nothing but the safest and best to fuel their performance.

Improve Performance

BioSteel is designed to help athletes improve their focus, recover faster, and perform better. Using the highest quality ingredients, their team’s proprietary blends deliver just that.

Their vegan amino acid blend is “quickly absorbed in the body, providing sustained energy, mental clarity and quicker recovery when you need it most.” While their “B vitamins are a group of water soluble vitamins that play important roles in metabolizing fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.” Our BioSteel Sports Drink product page lists the following benefits:

    • Enables optimal concentration levels and sustained energy and hydration
    • Decreases exercise-induced muscle breakdown
    • Helps stimulate muscle repair
    • Supports immune system health during periods of physical stress

Performance backed by science?! Count us in!

Because Many of The Best #DRINKTHEPINK

The bodies of professional athletes play a crucial role to their success. Therefore they have constant access to the latest and greatest advancements in sports supplements on the market.

Natural athletes with natural products. #DrinkThePink™ @mcdavid97 @22wiggins A photo posted by BioSteel Sports (@biosteelsports) on

It’s doubtful the likes of Connor McDavid, Carey Price, Rory McIlroy, Andrew Wiggins and Dez Bryant [just to name a few] would drink BioSteel if they didn’t believe it complemented their game. These superstars simply wouldn’t risk their livelihood and potential trophies on something they believe unproven or unworthy. While we’d never suggest to follow the pack, these guys seem to know a thing or two about performing under pressure at the highest level.

  Who is your favourite #TeamBioSteel athlete & why? #DrinkThePink™   A photo posted by BioSteel Sports (@biosteelsports) on

More to Come

While their High Performance Sports Drink is a game changer, BioSteel isn’t stopping there. Whether it’s improving their packaging [have you seen their Ready-To-Drink bottles yet?] or formulating new products to their incredible standards, BioSteel is a brand that’s just getting their legs under them.

We already love their Advanced Recovery Formula and look forward to trying their Protein and Nutrition Bars soon. Like their sports drinks we know their new products will only have the best interest of the athlete in mind. Thanks to their transparency and commitment to quality, we recommend BioSteel to every hockey player who cares about what they put in their body. Make sure to include it in your next HPC package!

Coming soon: New Nutritional Bars! Vegan & Tropical. Stay tuned for updates. A photo posted by BioSteel Sports (@biosteelsports) on

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