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5 Reasons We’re Supremely Grateful For Our Hockey Dads

Dear Hockey Dad,

Growing up, we were too consumed by the game we loved to properly acknowledge the countless sacrifices you made in order to provide us the opportunity to play hockey. With the benefit of hindsight, we’re now well aware, astonished, and supremely grateful for what you did for us. While we know this post isn’t sufficient in expressing our gratitude, we hope you get a little satisfaction knowing we now understand all that you gave up and did for us. Assuming we love our kids half as much as you loved us, we’ll plan to pay it forward!

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons we couldn’t be more grateful for our hockey dads:

Footing the Bill

Between team fees, lessons, hockey camps, hotel rooms, gas, and of course our ridiculously priced equipment, our hockey dad’s have spent an insane amount of money on us to play the game we love. With all that disposable income to themselves, they could have been hunting moose on a harley, buying a new boat, or retiring early. Instead, you enabled the pursuit of our passion, and for that, we couldn’t be more thankful.

Encouragement and Support

Somehow hockey dads understand when we need a pat on the back versus a kick in the ass. Whether we need to be reminded it’s just a game and to pick our heads up or that we lacked enthusiasm and mental toughness, hockey dads know when to provide us perspective and occasionally some hard truth.

5 AM Practices

After a week of waking up early for work to provide for the family, it’s unbelievable to realize how selfless our hockey dads are to wake up and get us to the rink and dressed by 5 AM. Who would want to do that on their weekends?! But somehow our hockey dads do it without hesitation and even make sure to have hot chocolate ready for us on those especially frigid winter mornings.


Regardless if it’s a 5 AM practice, game across the state, or tournament across the country, our hockey dads make sure we’re at the rink, fed, on time, and likely a little extra pumped up [mom’s don’t typically let us listen to rock n’ roll at those decibel levels]. While it’s nice having a personal driver, it’s even better having that extra time to spend with our fathers traveling to and from hockey.

Teaching Us

Whether your dad grew up playing and taught you the X’s and O’s, or he never played but taught you how to be a respectful and coachable player and teammate, the lessons we learn from our dads are countless, and frankly boundless. Without them, we’d be unquestionably different players and people. While we occasionally wish it were socially acceptable to crosscheck people in public, you’ve taught us better… drop the gloves and be a man about it.

Thank you, Dad! We never could have done it without you! 

Take the time to share this post with your hockey dad and be sure to thank them for all the great things they’ve done for you!

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