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6 Infamous NHL Tape Jobs

Our tape jobs are near and dear to our heart. We already know they say a lot about us on and off the ice. A vast majority of us keep it simple, nothing worthy of a conversation. But as with anything else, there are always those outliers that like to shake things up. Whether they seek extra attention, improved performance, or just want to be different, these 6 tape jobs are in a league of their own, almost leaving us speechless. Almost.

Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr Tape Job

Seriously, if someone showed you this man’s stick without saying whose it was, you’d immediately assume he’s the biggest duster on his team. How in the world did Orr perform his epic end to end rushes with his two-strand tape job?!

Teemu Selanne

Teemu Selanne Tape Job

It’s impossible to argue with the production of Teemu Selanne, the all-time Olympic scorer. Since his record-breaking rookie season where he scored 76 goals [let that set in], Selanne relentlessly tortured goaltenders in the NHL and international competition. Preferring to start his tape job more towards the middle of his blade, he also stopped just shy of covering his toe. You do you, Teemu.

Alexander Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin Tape Job

When you score as often as the Great8, you can rock whatever tape job tickles your fancy. But being a quintessential Russian sniper Ovechkin rocks the toe-covered tape job… just as we’d suspect given his last name and style of play.

Brad Werenka

Brad Werenka Tape Job

Credit: Kellie Landis Allsport

Essentially the opposite of Teemu Selanne’s tape job, Brad Werenka only tapes the heel of his blade. There’s no guessing where this guy likes to initiate his shots and passes.

Patrick Sharp

Patrick Sharp Tape Job

Without additional layers it’s impossible to have more tape on an individual’s blade than Patrick Sharp. Not satisfied with simply taping the entire blade he actually briefly continues up the shaft of his stick. His offensive production speaks for itself but let’s be honest, his tape job looks brutal.

Petr Klima

Petr Klima Tape Job

Seriously, wtf?! We don’t even know where to start… But how do his teammates even allow this? And it looks like there is way too much effort involved in having the individual strands.


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