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7 Reasons to Join the Hockey Players Club

You don’t get your hockey tape, wax, laces, and essentials delivered to your door? You’re not a member of the Hockey Players Club yet?!

You should seriously reconsider if…

1. You value your time

Driving to the pro shop just for hockey tape and laces is so 2014. Our hockey tape subscription service will deliver exactly what you need to your door faster than an Ovi one timer.

2. You like being prepared

We’ve all been there: you’re rushing to be dressed in time and SNAP, your lace breaks. But, who cares? You’re an HPC member and already have an extra pair in your bag. Broken-lace-anxiety is a thing of the past. And never run out of hockey tape again!

3. You + technology = convenience

Completely customize your HPC package, every time. Hit SHIP NOW in your account if you run out of hockey tape faster than expected. All from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’s almost too easy.

4. You love free shipping

When you get the email that your HPC package has shipped…

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Amazon has spoiled us. We don’t want to pay for shipping. Ever. So our members don’t. Where else can you get BioSteel, hockey tape, and skate laces delivered without paying for shipping? Nowhere.

5. You hate long term commitments

Unless you’re signing a 7 year NHL contract, you’re not looking for any commitments. We get it. Cancel or pause your hockey tape subscription anytime, at no cost.

Don’t worry! No long term commitments with the Hockey Players Club!

6. You love free hockey tape

Refer new members and earn free tape. It’s that simple. Email your teammates your custom referral link before someone else does!

7. You hate mooching

When your teammate asks if they can use some clear. #tapemooch

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No need to ever ask to “borrow” your buddy’s hockey tape again. When that last wrap of tape tears from the cardboard roll you’re good. Thanks to your hockey tape subscription from the Hockey Players Club, you had your tape and essentials delivered. Your bag is always well stocked.

Give the Hockey Players Club a try and join our growing hockey tape membership!

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