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7 Struggles Every Hockey Player Experiences

Like we say in our ABOUT section: “We are proud hockey players who love the game almost as much as we love our mothers. We bask in the opportunity to battle alongside our teammates towards a common goal — a goal greater than any accomplishment we can achieve individually.” And while no truer words have been said, occasionally we sit around with our teammates and reminisce some of the challenges we endure playing this beautiful game.

Our buddies at Quest Hockey reminded us how terrible it is to break a lace, forget a shower towel, and play with a puck hog. With further deliberation and the assistance of our squad and a few cold ones, we’ve identified 7 struggles every hockey player has faced along their journey, and we highly doubt any of you have enjoyed them.

Did Anyone Say Expensive?!

Expensive Hockey

The most obvious struggle is the staggering expense of playing ice hockey. Between team dues, equipment, and travel expenses our favorite pastime is anything but cheap. Of course we do our best to carpool and buy last year’s skate model but it still barely makes a dent on the overall expenditure. Hopefully improvements in energy storage and cooling systems will eventually bring the number one expense down, ice! But until then we’ll continue to spend what would be our 401k on our favorite sport.

Tape Mooch

When your buddy asks to borrow some tape…#tapemooch A video posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on

No hockey player likes being “that guy,” and certainly none of us enjoy having a teammate who is always “that guy,” but almost every locker room has one: the tape mooch. Of course, we’re understanding teammates and realize these things happen from time-to-time, especially if you play adult league at an hour no pro shop attendant is sticking around for, but it can’t last forever. You know you have hockey therefore you know you’ll need tape.

Either sign up for the Hockey Players Club and have your custom packages of tape and accessories delivered each month (or every other), or make time to hit up the pro shop before your next skate. But the former is definitely your best bet.

No Goalie


You managed to stay positive and battle your way through the day knowing you have hockey tonight. Finally, you arrive at the rink cheesing from ear to ear when you step in the locker room and one of your teammates tell you your goalie isn’t showing up. If it’s a game, you’re screwed and headed home unless you can find a last minute fill in. If it’s a practice, now you’re left with an empty-net for the next hour.

Frayed lace

Double tap if this has happened to you. #hockeyprobsA photo posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on

For the love of god, can we just get our lace through our eyelet so we can get on the ice?! You can take a lighter to it, wrap the tip of the lace with some tape, or do your best trying to force it in, but nothing is a long term fix outside of getting a new lace. Order a pair of laces from the Hockey Players Club, otherwise continue to struggle tying your skates.

Bad Edge

Kevin Fiala blowing a tire in a game against Denmark

Kevin Fiala blowing a tire in a game against Denmark

You’re whipping around warm ups feeling great. You can just tell you’re about to have a big game. Then you stop on the bench real quick to grab a drink and unbeknownst to you hit your blade on an exposed screw or area of concrete. You head back out for another lap before the opening draw when you realize your left outside edge is gone. Unless you have an equipment manager or readily accessible skate sharpener, you’re about to have the longest game of your life.

Early Practices &/or Late Games

Nothing better than some late night #beerleague hockey. #muckandgrind #stonehands #hereforthebeer A photo posted by Hockey Players Club (@hockeyplayersclub) on

Knowing the youngsters have curfews they often practice at 5am on the weekends. Knowing adult league players work they often skate at midnight for their league games. If you’re really lucky, you’re a hockey mom or dad who plays at midnight then has to be up to drive your son or daughter to practice by 4:30am. While no one enjoys the hours we have to pull just to play the game we love, we understand it’s a necessity of the sport. Just another struggle we’ll deal with to get on the ice!

“Dirty” Tape

We’re not being perverse, we’re talking about that roll of tape you’ve had rolling around in your hockey bag collecting every bit of dust, hair, wax, and other junk you have floating around in there. Terribly mis-shaped and covered in muck, no one wants to touch this roll let alone apply a fresh tape job to their twig… your hockey stick would never forgive you.


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