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8 Frustrations Every Beer League Hockey Player Can Relate To

Beer league hockey players absolutely love playing hockey!

Every year they sign up and pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to meet once a week, oftentimes at very late inconvenient hours, to play a game and have a couple of cold ones.

As fun as that may sound (and trust us, it is!) there are a number of common complaints, or frustrations, that all beer league hockey players can relate to.

Top 8 Frustrations Every Beer League Hockey Player Can Relate To:

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1. Late Night Games

This has to be the the top complaint of every beer league team!

Tuesday night 11 PM puck drop followed by a 6 AM alarm on Wednesday… need we say more?!

2. No Shows

If you can’t play tonight, that’s fine, just say so… but if you say you’re in, don’t show up, and leave the boys with a short bench, you’re a dick!

3. No Beer After the Game

If you’re on beer duty and you forget to bring the beer, you might as well not show up — or at least dress in another locker room. Seriously, don’t be that guy!

4. Careless Referees

Few things are more frustrating than a beer league ref that doesn’t give a damn!

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Sure, it’s a thankless job but you’re getting paid to skate, blow a few whistles, and drop the puck… is it too much to ask to call the obvious penalties and offsides?

5. Teams in the Wrong Division

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Nothing is worse than having a completely stacked or terrible team in your division as a big part of the fun of playing beer league hockey is competing!

At the end of the day, no one really enjoys winning or losing by 7+ goals.

6. Relegating to a Lower Division

It doesn’t matter how good you used to be! Years of aging and not practicing compound, inevitably leaving your team no other choice than relegating to a lower division.

You can still reminisce fondly of the good ol’ days, just accept that they’re behind you!

7. Getting Coached

While player-coach Reggie Dunlop was an absolute legend, no one wants him on their beer league team.


It’s 10:30 PM, quit barking orders at the team or try drawing up plays, we’re out here to have a good time!

8. Bad Goalies

It’s no fun for either team when one of the goalies is a complete sieve! When the shooter-tutor is a better option, we’d rather play half-ice.

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