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8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Hockey Players Club

We get it. Although our membership is growing daily, a number of hockey players don’t even know about us. We know most players and parents would be shocked to learn how flexible their membership is, as well as the quality of our products, service, and team behind-the-scenes. But we understand with time and our continued commitment to customer service hockey players will come to learn there simply isn’t a cheaper or easier way to get your hockey tape and essentials.


Not only do our members enjoy free shipping on their base packages of tape, but everything ordered by our members is delivered at no cost whatsoever. We understand most consumers love transparent pricing and like to avoid any surprises during their online checkout. That’s why we’ll gladly ship your tape, wax, laces, BioSteel, and HPC t-shirt to your door for nothing more than the cost of your products, every time!



We’ll never make you pick 3 of one kind of tape and 3 of another. Each and every HPC package that leaves our door is 100% customizable. Want 6 assorted rolls of clear, black, white, wide black, and two wide white? No problem. Maybe next month you just need a clear, black, and baby blue grip tape and BioSteel tube. We got you. Whatever it is you want, whatever it is you need, we’ll deliver exactly that to your door, no exceptions. Like the teammate who’s always bringing and filling up the water bottles, we’re the teammate who makes sure you always have the tape and essentials you need.


You already know you won’t be surprised with any shipping fees at checkout, but we have zero hidden fees altogether. Need to change from the ONE-TIMER package to the EXTRA ATTACKER for a month? Do so without any concern of additional charges. Need to cancel or pause your membership? Do it for free! Which leads us to our next point…

hidden fees


No one wants to commit to a subscription service, especially a newer one, where you’re unsure if you’ll like the products and/or service. Plus, pending the time of the year your tape and hockey accessory needs vary greatly. We get it. That’s why we’ve made our subscription service extremely flexible. Cancel or pause your membership anytime, no questions asked, no fees attached. We just hope you come back soon!



Hockey is an unpredictable game. You never know when your fresh tapejob will be ruined by a skate or if your coach schedules an extra practice to try and end your squad’s losing streak. Plus, you can never predict how many tape mooches will be lurking in your locker room. Regardless, breath easy knowing anytime you’re running low on tape between your typically scheduled HPC delivery, simply go into your account and hit the SHIP NOW button and never run out of tape again!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.28.17 PM


We’re hockey players. We understand you want the highest quality tape and laces. That’s why we only offer Sportstape manufactured by Canadian Technical Tape in Quebec. Not only do they supply the entire AHL and ECHL with tape, they’re one of the most requested brands in the NHL — and of course NHL players are able to select any kind of tape and laces they desire. Ever notice Ovi’s yellow laces? Or Lecavalier’s impeccable tapejobs? Both, exclusively from our supplier, Canadian Technical Tape. Enjoy the same tape and accessories the pros demand!



You’re not really a hockey player until you create a FREE player profile and become part of our fast-growing hockey community. We all know hockey players love getting together to b.s. about where they play and their favorite team and players. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy debating the best twig and wheels on the market? Share and connect with fellow hockey brethren and we’ll do our darndest to deliver exactly the products and features you want the most.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.35.43 PM


3 beauties founded the Hockey Players Club with a dream to make our lives as players a little easier. All of us were collegiate teammates at Penn State University where we endured years of training and competing alongside one another. Now we muck it up in our local men’s league. Why does this matter? Because not only are we passionate and immersed in the game, we know how to operate as a team. And we all know a team can achieve much more than any individual!



Are you a member of the awesome hockey tape subscription service, the Hockey Players Club? If not, save yourself time and money and join now!

Awesome hockey tape and essentials delivered for just a few bucks a month.

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