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Brady Tkachuk Goes Shirt Off by 4 PM During Epic 21st Birthday Celebration

Imagine this: you’re an NHL All-Star, your brother is an NHL All-Star, you’re both on holiday, and today is your 21st birthday. Sounds like the perfect recipe for an epic celebration, right?!

It sure looked that way…

Ottawa Senators forward Brady Tkachuk, who’s been legal to drink during home stands in Ottawa finally turned 21 years old today, legalizing him to drink in his home country.

And not only is Brady fortunate to have his older brother, Matthew Tkachuk, to chaperone him around the 2020 NHL All-Star game but also his 21st birthday… and document it.

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As any proper 21st birthday celebration should, Brady Tkachuk’s started early, thanks to Matthew Tkachuk’s Instagram story revealing young Brady was already standing on bars by noon 😂

And by 2 PM the young buck was celebrating with what appears to be a champagne bukkake. Only the finest if you play in the show.

And in true 21-year-old form, Brady is seen exiting a bar shirtless at 4 PM.

Congrats, Brady, on what was certainly an epic 21 birthday celebration, and thanks Matthew for sharing it with the world!

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