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Craziest Hockey Intermission Games

Since the dawn of time, sports have gone hand in hand with entertainment. From day one there have been promotions during timeouts and intermissions. The problem is as time goes on, fans are becoming less and less intrigued by the traditional t-shirt toss or trivia game.

They want the “WOW factor”. This growing need for the extraordinary, strange, and exotic can be attributed to genius sports visionaries, most notably Jackie Moon of the fictional Flint Tropics.

Although his sport of choice was basketball, Jackie Moon’s influence laid the groundwork for the future of intermission promotions for all sports. As a result, we’ve since been blessed with some of the craziest hockey intermission entertainment imaginable.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to wrestle a bear to find the wildest hockey intermission games out there. The Hockey Player’s Club scoured the world wide web to compile a list of the craziest and best hockey intermission games in existence.

Dodgeball on Ice:


If you thought there was nothing better than dodgeball, you’re wrong…. try dodgeball on ice. This intermission game is so cool they convinced part-time NFL stud, part-time partier, and full-time bro, Rob Gronkowski to travel all the way to Estero, Florida to participate during the intermission of an ECHL game.

College Olympics:


Intermission Hockey Beer Olympics

Intermission Hockey Beer Olympics

Intermission Hockey Beer Olympics

Nothing sounds like a more disastrous intermission contest than something called the “College Olympics.” The competition involves college students chugging beer, spinning around hockey sticks, running on the ice, and riding wheeled-coolers.

DISCLAIMER/ BIG SURPRISE: This ended with two participants throwing up on the ice.

Hockey Playing Bear:

This is a page right out of the book of Jackie Moon. Of course, this happened in Russia but we should be thankful that they learned the lesson of not trying to wrestle it. But, this leaves us pondering a couple things. Where does one scout a hockey playing bear? And where does someone find a skating coach for said bear?

Human Bowling:

Some of these games go better than others.

Human Bowling Hockey Intermission

Nothing seems safer than using a slingshot to launch an innocent fan on a sled down the ice towards some oversized bowling pins and the opposite end wall. What could go wrong?


Few things get the blood pumping and the testosterone flowing quite like a contest requiring you to make a crazy shot to win a boatload of money.

The craziest Score-O video has to be the clinic that former Michigan greats Mike Legg, Brendan Morrison, and Marty Turco put on during intermission 20 years later at their alma mater.


If the thought of seeing Whale Gretzky, Bobby Orrangutang, Mario Lemule, and Squidney Crosby between periods putting on synchronized dance moves, acrobatics, tricks, and comedy doesn’t make you feel alive, we’re not sure what will.

Bubble Hockey

This is something we could watch and play all day… imagine how much fun it’d be to play with the colleague/ classmate/ bully you simply can’t stand.


Did we miss any good ones? Comment below with your favorite intermission game!


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