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Hockey Parents Are a Breed of Their Own

Hockey parents are a breed of their own! We know it. They know it.

Their kids are entrenched in the game from birth. From baby gear to home furnishings to acting a fool in the stands (not all hockey parents are guilty of this!), their love for the game of hockey knows no end.

Granted, it’s difficult to challenge their supreme dedication to the sport. Not only are they loyal NHL fans, they’re fully committed to their son or daughter’s ambitions of making it to the show – including all the expensive equipment, 5 AM practices, and road trips one can handle.

We’re not hating – we wouldn’t be here without our hockey parents, and we’re supremely grateful – we’re just saying they’re a special breed! Have a look for yourself:

Let’s be honest, hockey babies are the cutest:

little kid hockey

Hockey baby

Hockey player baby

Baby halloween costume

NHL players like to get in on the baby fun too…

NHL player baby

baby in stanley cup

Bozak baby

And of course hockey parents need somewhere for their youngsters to sleep:

hockey crib

hockey crib

hockey themed baby room

Even when they get older:

zamboni bed

hockey bedroom

awesome hockey bedroom

And then of course comes the game-changing basements/man-caves…

crazy hockey mancave

hockey living room

man cave

But some of them go the extra mile with private home indoor rinks:

at home ice rink

awesome hockey room

basement hockey rink

While others “rough it” with these legendary outdoor rinks:

backyard rink

backyard hockey rink

best backyard ice rink

And they REALLY love going to their kid’s games:

crazy hockey dad

hockey mom storms ice

Have any questions of how to be a hockey parent? Check out this gem of a tutorial:

Comment below with your over the top hockey parent story!!
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