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Hockey Players Club Podcast, Episode 21

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Surprisingly enough, HPC podcast co-host Kevin Kustron scored more than 2 points in Weekly Picks this week, compared to last week’s embarrassing effort. Rubeo claims to finally be over his blown shorthanded breakaway in last week’s beer league championship. And Kittelberger shares his failed attempt of experiencing the national anthem in the United Center… some ushers are such dicks.


John Tavares wasn’t met with a warm welcome by Islanders’ fans, who threw plastic snakes and chanted “asshole” at their ex-captain. Other tactics and chants were a little more comical (“Who’s your daddy?”) but a harsh return nonetheless.

Fortunately, Sean Avery quickly came to Tavares’s defense while simultaneously shitting on Isle fans. But what costume is he wearing?


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@imseanavery had some strong words for @ny_islanders fans. Agree or disagree?⁣ ⁣ 🎥: @tsn_official

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The hate didn’t last long though as Tavares was met with a standing ovation in Toronto two days later before registering 3 points in a 5-2 win over Buffalo.

Senators bench boss Guy Boucher was replaced my former NHL head coach Marc Crawford. In typical fashion, Kittelberger points out the Sens handled the situation poorly.

John Tortorella is suggesting to “get rid of the shootout. Just play 3-on-3 until a team dies.” Death on live TV might be a bit much but the idea of extending 3-on-3 is one the podcast crew believes is worth considering. But limit it to a 10 or 20 minute OT period? Or let it go until someone scores?

Last year’s Hart trophy winner, Taylor Hall, underwent successful arthroscopic surgery. Considering he’s been out since December 23rd, what’s the hold up been? And he’s done for the season given the Devils playoff prospects, or lack thereof, right??

The Philadelphia Flyers officially set an NHL record, starting their 8th goalie this season. With 20 games left in the season are they looking to pad their record?

Brad Richardson, not Brad Richards’ son regardless of what Kustron suggests, scored 4 goals after missing his pregame nap last Thursday. His 16 goals are a career high and lead the Arizona Coyotes, all at the ripe age of 34.

Last Thursday saw Ovechkin break Mike Bossy and Wayne Gretzky’s record for 45 goal seasons with 10. Is it clear he’s the greatest goal scorer of all time?

Reilly Smith and Matthew Tkachuk scored goals between the legs this past week. Although it was once deemed “classless” by Don Cherry, the boys argue it’s a legitimate, effective skill that is embraced by NHL players. Schwartz says let the boys play.

Jarome Iginla had his number risen to the rafters in Calgary. Well deserved from a captain who could do it all: dangle, throw sauce, snipe, and knock you out.

Cut from the same cloth, Shane Doan had his number retired in Arizona. And rumor has it the man has never sworn once, ever. What the fudge?!

Evander Holyfield participated in the Hurricanes post-game celebration. Are these “bunch of jerks” going too far?

Carey Price consoles a young Canadiens fan who recently lost his mom. Even the team grump, Rubeo, couldn’t hate on this one… Although he was quick to point out Subban handed out a stick the next day to a fan holding a sign. If it continues to be an everyday occurrence, will it lose its luster?

An asshole beer league goalie snaps an opponent’s stick during a scrum. He threw it at the player’s feet and of course fled the scene once the player tried to fight him. Seriously, what kind of douche pulls a move like this? Especially knowing how expensive hockey sticks are nowadays? The boys suspect this confrontation wasn’t over at the end of the game.

A youth hockey player after our own heart, Zoey, tells her mom to “shut up” from the penalty box after her mom screams from the stands to the ref. Nice work, Zoey!


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Brad Marchand had 666 penalty minutes headed into his career game 666 against none other than the New Jerseys Devils. As expected, Marchand spoiled the party by scoring the only goal in the game. Devilish as always.


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Coincidence? 🤔 👿 (📸: @nhlonnbcsports)

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The hockey gods punished Tyler Toffoli with instant stick karma Saturday. After banging his stick off the glass in the penalty box in protest, Toffoli stepped out of the box into a breakaway where his stick snapped the moment he tried to shoot the puck. Treat your twig with a little more respect next time, Tyler!

All before…

Weekly Picks:

Kevin Trussler and John Donovan crushed Weekly Picks in February, both earning 68 points. But Donovan’s 256 points this season (compared to Trussler’s 221 points) win him the tiebreaker for the free HPC XV3 hockey stick in February.

Heading into Sunday evening’s NHL action, Adam Fangman and Holt Schwarm were in the lead to win this week’s $20 HPC gift card. But as fate would have it, podcast co-host Kyle Kittelberger swept in and spoiled the fun by earning all 8 points on the board Sunday night to lead the week with 25 points. What a dick.

Of course, no Hockey Players Club podcast would be complete without the crew debating 3 of their 9 picks for this week’s Weekly Picks:

For 3 points:

For 5 points:

For 2 points:

*Make sure to submit your Weekly Picks for a chance to win a FREE $20 HPC gift card (for weekly winners) and Hockey Players Club XV3 hockey stick (awarded to monthly winners).

Top Shelf Trivia:

As always, the boys wrap up up the show with a round of Top Shelf Trivia. This week, Kustron brings a hard one about NHL franchises that have moved from one city to another. As usual, Kittelberger shows off his nerdiness.

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