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Hockey Trivia: Win Kyle’s Money Game 19

Hockey trivia savant Kyle Kittelberger enters game 19 with 17 wins and only 1 loss all-time in Win Kyle’s Money.

Devon Dunn, 19-year-old defenseman of the Gillette Wild of the NA3HL didn’t enter the contest particularly confident.

But you never know what kind of hockey trivia HPC co-founder and Win Kyle’s Money host, Matt Schwartz, is going to throw your way.

The rules are simple:

Kyle and his opponent each have one minute to answer 7 hockey trivia questions. Whoever provides the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins.

How would you have scored this week? Questions and Answers below.

If Kyle’s opponent wins, they win a $50 Hockey Players Club Gift Card.

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Win Kyle’s Money Game 19 hockey trivia questions:

  1. Nine of the top ten players with the most career NHL PIMS are Canadian. The other is an American who grew up in Massachusetts. Who is it?
  2. This Czech holds the record for most game-winning goals of all-time.
  3. Name one of the two original six teams whose logo doesn’t contain a letter or word in it.
  4. This 6’3” Canadian born player is the last goalie to win the Hart Trophy. He did it in 2014-15.
  5. This player who wore a palindromic number was the first overall pick of the Quebec Nordiques in the 1991 NHL Draft.
  6. This arena has the highest capacity in the NHL with 21,302.
  7. Alex Martinez is the last player to score a Stanley Cup-winning goal in overtime. Who was the goalie he scored on?


See how Devon Dunn’s hockey trivia skills stacked up against Kyle’s, watch the YouTube video.

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Win Kyle’s Money Game 19 Answers: [1] Chris Nilan [2] Jaromir Jagr [3] Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings [4] Carey Price [5] Eric Lindros [6] Bell Centre [7] Henrik Lundqvist

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