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Interview: Coach Jeremy of How To Hockey

Coach Jeremy of How To Hockey sits down with Brandon Rubeo of the HPC to discuss growing up in Canada, starting How To Hockey, how we can make the game more accessible, and more…

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If you’re a hockey player, you know who Coach Jeremy is from How To Hockey. He’s the OG of online hockey tutorials and one of hockey’s biggest social media influencers.

And we wanted to learn more.

So Brandon of the HPC and Quest Hockey caught up with Coach Jeremy this past week to cover an array of topics…

Jeremy discusses growing up in a small Canadian town and the passion and camaraderie he found thanks to the game of hockey.

No surprise to learn Jeremy loves the Leafs but we didn’t expect to learn his favorite player growing up was none other than the Russian Rocket Pavel Bure.

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And while Coach Jeremy loves the speed and skill of today’s league, he misses the big clean hits from the NHL of his childhood that didn’t immediately result in a fight like today’s game.

Of course, we had to hear the story of how Jeremy started How to Hockey. We can’t even imagine how many hockey players worldwide have benefited from the content he’s created and shared.

And learn if he has any favorite videos from the past 10 years…

And even though his work has expanded far beyond how-to tutorials, they’re still his favorite but the Mic’d up videos of his son Mason are pretty special!

And Jeremy had some good answers for our Quick Hits to end the interview:

  • Favorite Mighty Ducks movie
  • Would you rather play 3 years in the NHL and win 3 cups or play 20 years and win zero?
  • If you were the GM of a new NHL expansion franchise and you had the opportunity to draft either Elias Pettersson or Cale Makar, who would you pick?
  • Would you rather have McDavid’s speed or Ovi’s shot?
  • If you could make a video with any NHL player past or present, who would it be and what kind of video would you want to make?

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