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Interview: Coach Pete Kamman of Elevated Hockey Shares His Passion for the Game through Coaching

Coach Pete Kamman of Elevated Hockey sits down with Brandon Rubeo of the Hockey Players Club to share his hockey journey and passion for coaching.

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Coach Pete was born in Minnesota but played most of his youth hockey outside Chicago, in addition to a few years spent in California where he also played competitive roller hockey.

He discusses moving back to Chicago for his senior of high school and debating whether he should pursue junior hockey versus going directly to school — a situation a number of US and Canadian players find themselves in every year.

He talks about ultimately heading to Miami of Ohio where he won an ACHA National Championship his freshman year. Pete reflects on what made that team unique, how he aims to foster the same kind of atmosphere and camaraderie for the teams he’s coached since and the often-under-appreciated level of play and commitment in the ACHA.

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Upon graduating, Pete talks about moving to Montana where Brian Lafontaine‘s brother, John LaFontaine, approached him to coach the local high school team.

Before starting Elevated Hockey, Pete discusses being a hockey director for 12 roller hockey teams in Namibia for a year, one of the most unique hockey stories you’ll ever hear.

Pete returned to Montana and was sought after to provide extra instruction for the top players in Montana prior to their prospect and tryouts camps, when Elevated Hockey was essentially born… and has grown impressively ever since!

Additionally, he has an ever-increasing role with USA Hockey where he is currently the Coach in Chief for Montana in addition to his role in the annual U15 festival. Coach Pete discusses the unbelievable level of skill, hockey IQ, and dedication of the festival attendees.

And Pete eagerly talks about teaming up with Danny Heath to co-create the Lets Go! Hockey Podcast (Google Play |YouTube | Instagram | Facebook) to spread their knowledge and passion for the game to hopefully inspire the next wave of great players and coaches.

Plus, Pete reflected on his times coaching in Namibia, Spain, China, Malaysia, and India, where he set a Guinness World Record.

And an interview with Coach Pete Kamman of Elevated Hockey wouldn’t be complete without hearing his advice for aspiring players… which was eerily similar to Topher Scott’s advice!

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