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Old Time Hockey: Manson Drops Myers with Well-Timed Flying Haymaker

It all started when Vancouver Canucks’ forward Elias Pettersson took a bump from Max JonesTyler Myers took exception to the hit, which admittedly didn’t look that bad.   Myers gave Jones a couple of cross-checks before grabbing Jakob Silfverberg.

Video: Courtesy of SPORTSNET

And that’s when Josh Manson comes in.

The moment Manson spotted Myers grabbing his team’s second-leading scorer, he sprinted towards Myers while majestically dropping his gloves and stick in stride.  Manson (6′ 3″, 216 lbs) grabbed Myers (6′ 8″, 227 lbs) like a he was a mini-mite, ripped him off of Silfverberg and while the two fell to the ice, executed one of the most well-timed, well-placed haymakers I’ve ever seen, right to Myers’ dome.

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Some weren’t too pleased with Manson:

But for the most part, people, especially Ducks fans, loved every second of it:

Like it or not, Manson’s hit on Myers had us reminiscing of the days of Old Time Hockey:

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