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Our 10 Favorite NHL Goal Celebrations of All Time

Few things are as purely electrifying as celebrating a goal in hockey. Sure, alone time with your significant other may compete, but we doubt it’ll bring an entire team and arena full of people to a frenzy.

Of course, overtime clinchers and record-setters are always worthy of an uninhibited celebration, but other moments of magnificence find a way of catching the goal-scorer in a moment of raw emotion. As fans we’re initially consumed by the goal but certain celebrations have a way of immortalizing the moment, causing us to remember where we were, who we were with, and how it made us feel.

Without further ado, here are our 10 favorite goal celebrations of all time:

Pavel Bure’s 2OT “Garage Sale”

When you win the game in double overtime who needs a stick and gloves anyways?!

Mario Lemieux Retires On Top

“Here he comes, here he comes! Mario Lemieux, hang on! He scores! You gotta love it!” Seriously, why doesn’t Gary Thorne call hockey games anymore?!

Tiger Williams Rides His Stick

Most people either remember Dave “Tiger” Williams for his 3,966 career NHL penalty minutes, or this goal celebration. Many fail to recognize he racked up 241 goals in his career!

Teemu Selanne Sets Rookie Goal Record

Teemu goes duck hunting after breaking Mike Bossy’s rookie goal scoring record. Epic.

Theo Fleury’s OT Winner

Theo makes it difficult for his teammates to celebrate with him, but showcases one of the most memorable goal celebrations in NHL history.

Steve Yzerman 2OT Game 7 Winner

Just pure emotion… and some hops!

Darius Kasparaitis 2OT Series Clincher

Clearly the man doesn’t have an opportunity to celebrate many goals… and by the way, how about Jagr’s celly near center ice?

Alec Martinez Cup Clincher

One of only 16 players to score an OT cup clincher.

Wayne Gretzky Breaks the All Time Goal Record

“He did it! He did it! The greatest goal scorer in National Hockey League history is Wayne Gretzky!” Gary Thorne once again calling it in the clutch.

Bobby Orr’s Flying Cup Clincher

“Flying Orr” is probably the most iconic hockey photo ever. And why shouldn’t it be? He scores a cup clincher adding his usual theatrics.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Comment below!


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Posted by Hockey Players Club on Sunday, September 27, 2015

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