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What Your Tape Job Says About You

Our hockey sticks say a lot about us, as we endear very few things as much as our beloved twigs. As far as we’re concerned they’re responsible for every success and failure in our hockey lives. Often treated like royalty, our sticks endure … Read More

The 5 Players You See at Every Sticktime

Few things are as exhilarating as stepping on clean ice with your hockey brethren and having no practice planned or game scheduled. Just an open sheet to enjoy the crisp air, be creative, and remember all the simple things that … Read More

5 Reasons Every Hockey Player Should #DRINKTHEPINK

There is good reason BioSteel is the only brand of sports supplements offered by the Hockey Players Club. Their commitment to providing an evidence-based product made with the highest quality ingredients is simply unparalleled in the supplement world. It’s difficult to … Read More

The 4 Goals Every Hockey Player Wishes To Score

While packing hockey tape, laces, and other essentials for our members, our team discussed the various game situations as young aspiring players we all played out in our driveways or daydreamed otherwise. Between the chirping and debating, we came up with 4 … Read More