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PVC Hip Flexor Lifts for Mobility and Strength | Hockey Training Tips with Jeff LoVecchio

Brought to you by retired pro hockey player and owner of Ript Hockey Training and partner of the Hockey Think Tank, Jeff LoVecchio.

In this series, we’ve already gone over exercises for your balance, ankles, and knees.

For today’s hockey training tip I am going to help you work on some mobility and end range strength in your hip flexors!

Your hip flexors are the group of muscles that lift your knee towards the ceiling when standing and help pull your leg forward after you’ve just pushed the ice away from your stride on the ice.

When you play hockey you are taking hundreds of strides per game so naturally, hip flexor muscles get a ton of work.

For that reason, it is imperative that you are constantly paying attention to them and focusing on your mobility and strength.

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To start you will need two PVC Pipes (or two hockey sticks).

You are going to get into the half-kneeling position, which means one knee down and one knee up.

Now, grab the pipes with your hands slightly above shoulder height.

Staying tall in your torso with your arms straight out from your shoulders and staying stiff, you will drive the pipes into the ground. You will feel your abs engage, which is what we want! 

While you are driving the pipes down and your abs are engaged, pull your front knee upwards towards the ceiling. Since your abs are engaged and you are staying tall in your torso you will be lifting that lead leg solely from your hip flexors.

The goal here is to drive that knee as high as you can, while staying under control and without arching your lower back or turning off your abs! 

Pause for a one count at the top of the end range of motion before lowering your foot back to the ground.

Once your foot touches the ground you can relax, release your abs and stop driving the pipes into the ground…BUT only for a moment before you will start all of it over again and repeat for desired reps! 

In season: I only have my guys perform this exercise for one or two sets per week and with very low reps or on an off day when they aren’t skating.

Out of season: Especially earlier in the summer, we will attack these like every other exercise by progressing week after week the number of sets and reps. 

Good Luck 

Find more great hockey training tips and insights from Jeff LoVecchio at RIPT Hockey and the Hockey Think Tank website, Podcast, YouTube, and Facebook. And check out his Give More Be More (GMBM) apparel.

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