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Roman Marcotte Interview: From Viral Kid Instagrammer to Pursuing His NHL Dream

Roman Marcotte Interview: From Viral Kid Instagrammer to Pursuing His NHL Dream

HPC co-founder Brandon Rubeo sat down for a brief interview with Roman James Marcotte to discuss going viral at 8 years old and continuing to pursue his NHL dream at the ripe age of 11!

Almost three ago, Roman’s dad Owen captured footage of then 8-year-old Roman rocking a Sidney Crosby jersey wheeling and dealing on his outdoor rink next to his house in Alaska.

The youngin’s skill level and passion for hockey were obvious, causing countless hockey accounts, including Pavel Barber, and even national media outlets to share and celebrate Roman’s video.

The video even garnered the attention of Pittsburgh Penguins Owner and GOAT, Mario Lemieux, who invited Roman and his family to visit Pittsburgh with an itinerary including a Pens game, meeting Sidney Crosby, and skating at the Penguins’ practice facility in Cranberry, PA.

And while Roman embraced his newfound attention, it never derailed him from working towards his ultimate goal of playing in the NHL.

And works he does!

Roman’s Instagram has documented his endless work over the years. Practices on the ice with skills coaches, stickhandling on balancing boards, flipping tires, working on his reflexes and speed, reviewing game footage, and the list goes on, just as the work does!

Roman and his father recently moved to the Toronto area for Roman to compete in the Greater Toronto Hockey League. Of course, Covid-19 has restricted his fall ice time to lessons and practice but it’s been enough for him to notice his Canadian hockey-brethren’s eagerness to battle for the puck.

Roman also shares who he models his game after, if he’d prefer to play Major Junior vs. NCAA hockey, what NHL superstars he’d want to play on a line with (it might be a fight to figure out who gets to play center!), his stick specs, favorite pregame music, and more.

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