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Tale of the Twig with Bobby Farnham

Bobby Farnham’s hands are known more for fighting rather than dangling…

But he has netted 3 goals in 16 games with the New Jersey Devils this season. And while his stick is often used to slash and cross check his NHL opponents, he has reminded us even the fourth liners in the show can snipe:

Constantly sticking up for his teammates, Farnham is more likely to rack up a 200 PIM season [274 with Wilkes-Barre in the AHL in ’12-’13] than score 20 goals. His snipes aside, Farnham quickly becomes a fan favorite wherever he plays as his hard work, agitating style and aggressive energy is easy to identify from the stands or barstool — he’s affectionately known as “Wild Thing” by New Jersey Devils fans.

You might quickly assume this guy never graduated high school and mucked his way through major junior and the minor leagues before given a shot in the NHL, but you’d be greatly mistaken. This gem earned an Ivy league degree in Commerce, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship from Brown University. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?! All in all, Bobby Farnham is a beauty that brings more to the table than you grow to expect.

Being hockey players, we’re always interested in seeing the behind-the-scenes of NHL players and how they prepare. Once again we’re thankful for another player to share the specifications of their stick and tape job.

Farnham uses the CCM RBZ SuperFast with a Sakic curve.  He tapes his twig with wide white tape going heel-to-toe and polishes it off with some Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax. Sounds like a perfect set up to catch some backhanders and “rip around out there!”

What do you think about his twig selection? Or his tape job? Comment below.


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