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The Best Beer League Team Names of All-Time

By Kris Weaver of the Beer League Tribune

While there are a number of reasons to love adult league hockey (affectionately known as beer league), there are 2 reasons we really love it!

  1. Beer league hockey typically runs year-round with multiple seasons.
  2. Beer league team names are the best!

A quality beer league name combines hockey jargon with some good ol’ teenage humor.

Are you and some friends creating a new beer league team? Or is your old team looking to rebrand and update their name and look?

If so, look no further as the Hockey Players Club has scoured the internet and countless beer league locker rooms to find the best beer league team names for you to consider, or at minimum, have a chuckle!

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Beer League Classics

Mighty Drunks 


San Jose Sharts

Drunk and Looking to Score 

Whiskey Dekes 

Busch League

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Lord of the Puns. #beerleague#bushleague

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The Beers

Jack Dangles

12oz Curls 

Here for Beer

Others you’ve likely seen…



Lucky Pucks

Parking Lot People

Healthy Scratches

Grinders / Greasy Grinders


3rd Liners

Puck Buddies

Ankle benders 




A little more creative…

Hat Trick Swayzes 

Soft Dump In A Corner

Floss N Sauce 

No Pucks Given

Mid Ice Crisis 

Shut Your 5-Hole

Yesterday’s Allstars

The Eh Team 

Check Republic

Hip Czechs 

Cluster Pucks

No Regretzkys 

Skateful Dead


Dekes of Hazard 

Power Playboys 

Five Minute Majors 

Scandalous Beer League Names


Just the tip-ins

Net Sticks and Chill 

Moose Knuckles 

Backdoor Bandits / Backdoor Tip Ins

Peter North Stars 

Peter North hockey jersey : funny

AM Lumber 

Multiple Scoregasms 

Mother Puckers

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Small budget jersey with a big time team name

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Puck My Life

Money Shots

Book Hockey (say it out loud)

Slot Rockets

Morning Sherwoods

Beer League Team Names for the Ladies

Queens of the Ice Age 

Victorious Secret 

Chicks with Sticks

No Diques / No Dekes 

Puck Bunnies 

Final Period

Hookers (for the 2 minute penalty, get your head out of the gutter!)

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