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The Best Hockey Newsletter

Hockey newsletters are a blessing!

Why, you ask?!

It’s a simple, unfortunate fact: we don’t have time to stay up and watch every NHL game and highlight every night.

And we don’t have the energy or time to scour countless sites, subreddits, and social accounts every morning to get up to speed on everything that happened in the hockey world over the past 24 hours.

And that’s why we love hockey newsletters! ❤️

Hockey newsletters conveniently land in our inbox, delivering the scores, top news, and in some cases highlights and tips without us ever having to leave our preferred email app.

Talk about convenient.

But not all hockey newsletters deliver the goods.

And trust us, we’ve subscribed and read dozens to find the goods.

We won’t bore you with our critiques of those we desired more from.

Instead, we’re going to cut to the chase and tell you about what we consider to be the best hockey newsletter available today…

The Hockey Recap is hands down the best hockey newsletter available.

The best hockey newsletter 👆

It has a sleek, skimmable design, and unlike its competitors, includes video highlights, polls, trivia, memes, tips, and a referral program to earn free swag or even an NHL jersey of your choice.

Plus, the Hockey Recap newsletter features content from other credible media sources, compared to The Hockey Writers or Sportsnet’s newsletters where they only link to their own original content… talk about self-serving.

And unlike most hockey newsletters that entirely focus on news OR player tips, the Hockey Recap newsletter features both.

In addition to their daily scores, news, and highlights, the Hockey Recap Coaches Corner section shares legit drills, exercises, and tips to take your game to the next level, whether you play or coach.

The Hockey Recap newsletter is delivered to your inbox every weekday during the hockey season and typically once a week during the offseason, which we find to be the perfect cadence.

Seriously, if you’re a hockey fan, let alone player or coach, there is no better all around newsletter than the Hockey Recap.

Check it out and let them know the Hockey Players Club sent you!

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