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This Baseball Swing Goal from the German DEL is One of the Craziest Goals I’ve Ever Seen

This Baseball Swing Goal from the German DEL is One of the Craziest Goals I've Ever Seen

By Matt Schwartz

Given this happened almost a year ago (February 4, 2019) and how bat shit crazy it is, I have no idea how I missed this quasi highlight-reel hockey goal.  And considering I scour the internet for hockey content for a living, chances are you might have missed it as well.

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American-born Brett Olson who played his college hockey at Michigan Tech scored a crazy goal (the game-winner no less) for ERC Ingolstadt versus the Wolfsburg Grizzlies of the DEL (Deutsche EishockeyLiga) with less than five minutes remaining in the game.

Here’s a video of the goal:

Olson, channeling his inner Barry Bonds, took a baseball swing at the puck from his own zone. He hit a line drive up the middle and beat Wolfsburg goalie Gerald Kuhn who was totally caught off guard by the shot. Like a scene from a movie, the puck sat along the goal line, was reviewed, and ultimately counted. Olson’s goal was the game-winner as Ingolstadt won the game by a score of 7 to 5.

Although it wasn’t the type of shot you work on in practice or at home, it serves as a lesson to both players (it’s never a bad play to put the puck on net) and goalies (always stay focused and be ready for a shot from anywhere).

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