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Tips & Drills to Shooting in Your Stride like Phil Kessel to Score More Goals

Goalies are so athletic and, oftentimes, big, that it’s really difficult to score – especially when the goalie can see the shot.  Therefore, players must have a quick and explosive shot, while being deceptive to increase their chances of scoring.  Shooters can be deceptive by changing the angle of their shot or by shooting in their stride.
In this video, we work on shooting in your stride. Shooting in your stride is a great way to create deception to increase your chances of scoring.  Phil Kessel is one of the best players in the world at shooting in his stride, which is why he’s one of the most dangerous offensive players in the NHL.
By not planting your feet and shooting while your feet are moving, you can catch the goalie by surprise because he or she doesn’t know when the shot is coming.  Here’s an example of Jack Eichel shooting in his stride to score from the top of the circles – an extremely difficult thing to do in today’s NHL.
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  1. The puck should be at the side of your body; in line w/ your toes.
  2. Make sure the puck is away from your body and not too close.
  3. Start with the weight of your body on the foot furthest from your stick blade (left foot if right-handed and vice versa)
  4. Get your hands away from your body and begin to apply pressure with your bottom hand to flex your stick downward.
  5. While switching your feet (finish on the foot closest to your stick blade – right foot if right-handed and vice versa), allow your stick to “pop” or release.
  6. Keep your eyes on the target & follow-through by pointing the blade of yours tick at your target.

When shooting, players need to practice accuracy, quickness, power, and deceptiveness. Remember: eyes on target + short follow-through.

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