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Today in Hockey History: Pavel Datsyuk Broke Logan Couture’s Ankles

Rumor has it, Logan Couture never really liked his ankles anyway. Which is good, because on this day 7 years ago, Pavel Datsyuk gave Couture one of his patented “Magic Man” shakes that left the Sharks forward looking like he broke his ankles learning to wear heels on a runway.

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We’re not sure what’s more insulting, the Datsyukian shake-and-bake or the Red Wings color commentator Mickey Redmond’s belly laugh.

As Logan Couture can now attest, everyone loves watching a Pavel Datsyuk highlight reel unless you’re in a Pavel Datsyuk highlight reel.

Fortunately for Sharks fans, Logan Couture’s ankles healed quickly but thanks to the internet, this serious case of ankle bending will never be forgotten.

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