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VIDEO: 5 Drills to Improve Your Snapshot

Today’s game is fast and highly skilled.  Players have limited time and space to shoot in the offensive zone. 

The quickest hockey shot is the snapshot.  The snapshot requires little time and space to get the puck to the net and can catch the goalie by surprise.  For forwards to be successful, they must have a quick and accurate snapshot in their arsenal of tools.

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In the video below, Matt Schwartz, Co-Founder of the Hockey Players Club and Quest Hockey, gives 5 simple drills that you can do on or off the ice to improve the quickness of your snapshot.  Give them a try and improve your game!


1. Keep your top hand away from your body.
2. Position the puck in line with your toes/skates.
3. Let your stick do the work for you. Flex your stick with your bottom hand.
4. Keep your follow-through short. Think “twitch” with your bottom hand.
5. Keep your eyes on the target & feel the puck with your hands.

When shooting, players need to practice accuracy, quickness, power, and deceptiveness. Accuracy and quickness are the most important. Eyes on target + short follow through.

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