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VIDEO: Catch and Release Shooting Tips to Score More Goals (HD)

In this video, we work on catching a pass and shooting quickly in the same motion without stick handling or “dusting” the puck off.  Elias Pettersson recently scored two beautiful catch and release goals in the same game (goals 1 and 3 shown below):

By using this tactic, you can get shots off in tight spaces, while catching the goalie off guard, drastically increasing your chances of scoring.

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  1. Hands away from your body and towards the direction of where the pass is coming from.
  2. Start with the weight on your inside leg or the leg closest to where the pass is coming from.
  3. The puck should make contact with the blade of your stick around the inside foot, not in front of our outside of your body.
  4. Cushion catch the pass using your top hand as an anchor and your bottom hand as support.
  5. As you catch the pass, transfer your weight from your inside foot to your outside foot, thereby getting the puck in shooting position.
  6. Shoot the puck by either transferring your weight back into your front foot (a little longer, but more accurate and heavier) or by quickly releasing a snapshot off of your back foot.

When shooting, players need to practice accuracy, quickness, power, and deceptiveness. Accuracy is the most important of them all. Eyes on target + short follow-through.

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