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Video Highlights of Each of the Top 10 Picks in the 2020 NHL Draft

Video Highlights of Top 10 Players Selected in 2020 NHL Draft

The NHL’s Class of 2020 has amazing talent, especially at forward, more so than any other NHL draft this century.

Some have suggested the NHL’s Class of 2020 has as many as 13 forward prospects who in any other year would most likely be Top 10 picks in the draft. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that 8 of the top 10 picks in last night’s first round were forwards.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE watching video highlights of NHL prospects. So, why don’t we check out some highlights of the top 10 picks of the 2020 NHL Draft.

1. New York Rangers: Alexis Lafreniere, LW

“As a puck-carrier, Lafrenière is a master at bending the defensive front and driving the puck through openings. He always maintains the same grip on his stick, forcing the opposition to guess if he’s thinking shot or pass. Similarly, Lafrenière doesn’t need to choose between pace or patience when determining his plans of attack; he can serve both masters at once.” – EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide

2. Los Angeles Kings: Quinton Byfield, C

“Where most skaters seek out space; Byfield carries the puck like a power running back in the NFL. Blessed with a 6-foot-4 frame, explosive skating stride, and extremely gifted hands, this is a player who always wants the puck on his stick. A fantastic transporter of the puck, deploying a wide array of rush patterns to adjust to defensive fronts.” – EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide

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3. Ottawa Senators: Tim Stützle, LW

“An offensive forward with an excellent skill-set and game breaking-abilities. Is such a slick stickhandler with fine hands, is strong 1-on-1 and can easily outdeke opponents. Stützle is a scoring threat whenever he is on the ice and whenever he has the puck on his stick. Excellent skater with good edge use and great foot-speed. Has good size, but needs to get stronger to withstand the physical side of North American Game. Can make the difference in a tight game and power a team’s offense.” – EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide

4. Detroit Red Wings: Lucas Raymond, LW

“A very well-rounded and highly skilled winger. Raymond is blessed with exceptional hockey sense. Furthermore, he has terrific hands, great speed and fine work ethic. Plays with plenty of intensity and battles hard for the puck. A nightmare to play against with his forechecking and puck-stealing ability. He also plays a strong two-way game and is a capable penalty killer. Offensively, he has a strong wrist shot and excellent vision. Few weaknesses overall and is a player that doesn’t wait for the play to happen, but the one that generates the play and make things happen.” – EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide

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5. Ottawa Senators: Jake Sanderson, D

“Sanderson recognizes appropriate times to join the rush and pinches on opposing wingers well, sealing off pass options along the boards to prevent breakouts. He’s got a quick wrister as well that can create havoc. He’s calculated, disciplined, physical, and creative. There just isn’t much that he can’t do in the defensive zone at an exceptionally high level.” – EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide

6. Anaheim Ducks: Jamie Drysdale, D

“He’s a brilliant skater, capable of quarterbacking a power play with ease and generating results both ways through the neutral zone. More of a playmaker than a shooter, Drysdale is adaptable first and foremost. He’s going to make the best decision regardless, no matter the situation. He’s the only defenceman in this year’s draft with clear No. 1 defenceman upside.” – EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide

7. New Jersey Devils: Alexander Holtz, RW

“His shot is as good as it gets, and it makes him a threat to score from anywhere in the offensive zone. Holtz is a pure sniper as currently constructed, and he has the potential to be a first-line finisher with triggerman utility on the power play. He’s a special, special talent, and if he can refine that talent, then there’s no telling where it might take him.” – EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide

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8. Buffalo Sabres: Jack Quinn, RW

“He’s always manipulating opposing defencemen as a puck-carrier, baiting a response, and then threading the puck through the opening this sequence created. Quinn can get a ten-bell shot off on either foot, and he deploys a wide array of release points to ensure that the puck gets through any manner of situations.” – EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide

9. Minnesota Wild: Marco Rossi, C

“Has an exceptional sense of spacing both on and off the puck, capable of playing in the most sensitive portions of the offensive zone and suffering hardly any physical wear for the trouble. If there’s an opening, then Rossi is going to find it and ruthlessly exploit it. He’s responsible defensively with great off the puck positioning and support below the hashmarks.” – EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide

10. Winnipeg Jets: Cole Perfetti, C

“He’s a cerebral puck carrier able to create the time and space necessary for himself and his linemates. His ability to scan the ice and break down coverages ensure that possession rarely dies on his stick. He’ll problem-solve his way through incoming variables, advancing play in a threatening posture where most might lose the puck entirely.” – EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide

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