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VIDEO: Outside Edge Skating Tips – Power Skating Drill Progression

Coach Matt of the Hockey Players Club and Quest Hockey provides a series of drills that will progressively help you master your outside edges.

Outside edges are really important for hockey players as they’re key to perform turns, tight turns, escapes, crossovers, stops, and many more essential hockey skating maneuvers.

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In this video, we go over the following power skating skills/drills:

  • Stationary standing on your outside edges (parallel)
  • Stationary standing on your outside edges with feet crossed over
  • Inside edge to outside edge c-cuts
  • Crossover steps or X-Steps
  • Outside edge glides with cross overs at halfway point
  • Circle outside edge glides — do crossover for half of the circle and glide on the outside edge of your inside foot on the other half
  • Ottawa Senators three-cone drill
Hockey Players Club Forum: The Best Hockey Content on the Internet

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