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Watch Louie DeBrusk Interview Jake DeBrusk for Awesome Father, Son On Air Moment

“Thanks, Dad, love you!”

Not the words you typically hear at the conclusion of an interview between a member of the SportsNet broadcast team and an NHL player… but only fitting given the interview was between NHL alum and current SportsNet team member Louie DeBrusk and his son, Boston Bruins forward Jake DeBrusk.

And, of course, being a hockey player from a hockey family, Jake couldn’t resist chirping his old man.

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When he asked about the excitement of playing an NHL game in his hometown:

“Yeah, it always is. It’s nice to see the friends and family. I kinda get sick of my dad’s hunting stories though, that’s the only thing that’s a little sketchy.”

All before his dad had to address the rumors swirling around that Jake was chirping his hair, or as Jake referenced it, his “flow” (hockey slang for hair). But, there is no debating the strength of the DeBrusk genetics as both father and son carry a strong head of lettuce including an unwavering hairline.

And naturally elder DeBrusk had to chirp his son back:

“Listen, kiddo, get your feet going. I don’t want to have to say bad things about you tonight.”

But seriously, what an awesome moment for this father-son combo.

As an NHL veteran, it’s easy to imagine Louie once prayed for Jake to have the opportunity, like himself, to live out his childhood dream of playing in the NHL. Hell, Louie DeBrusk, who was known for his old-school hockey aggression and punching skills, got emotional witnessing his son’s first NHL goal.

And not only has Jake proven to be a legit NHL forward, scoring 27 goals in only his second season in the league and already recording 18 this season, but his Boston Bruins sit atop the NHL standings and look well prepared for a deep playoff run.

But most importantly, this interview supplanted our theory that hockey families are the best!

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