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What a Moment: Flames Draft Pick Finds Out He Was Drafted in the Middle of Practice

Lincoln Stars celebrated defensemen being chosen No. 80 by Calgary

Defenseman Jake Boltmann learned he was drafted 80th overall in the 2020 NHL Draft by the Flames while at practice for the Lincoln Stars. Boltmann’s head coach Chris Michael said to look up at the videoboard before his teammates dog-piled on him in celebration.

What a moment. A dream comes true, while working towards achieving your dream. Not only that, but you’re mobbed by your teammates and coaches and get to celebrate with them on the ice. This was so much better than the lame stick taps Sam Strange received from his University of Wisconsin teammates.

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You have to love how excited his teammates were for him. And how can you not love the fact that he was on the ice working hard, rather than uncomfortably waiting on a couch for a zoom announcement.

The only thing that could  have made this story better, is if Boltmann was selected by the Lightning.  Oh well, still an awesome moment.  Congrats, Jake!

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