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What Hockey Players Would Buy If They Won the Powerball

Tonight’s Powerball is estimated to be worth in excess of $1.5 BILLION. For as much effort as stopping by your nearest convenience store and spending $2 for a ticket, you can become part of the world’s 1%. Sounds almost as easy as an inheritance.

As hockey players and fanatics we drool thinking of the hockey-centric fun we’d have with access to that kind of dough. Which got us really thinking, if we won, what would we actually spend our Powerball cash on? It didn’t take us long to come up with this kick ass list:

NHL Franchise

NHL franchises

Why own season tickets when you can own the team and have an all access pass?! Granted, pending how you accept your winnings and once you pay taxes you might not be able to afford the top 10 most valuable NHL franchises, but you could definitely buy the Florida Panthers,  Arizona Coyotes, Carolina Hurricanes, Columbus Blue Jackets or a slew of other squads.

Private Ice Rink

private ice rink

Access to fresh ice whenever you want it. Can you imagine? Sounds like heaven on Earth. Considering you won’t need to work much you can schedule all the shinny you desire. And of course, you’d need a sick custom zamboni… and hey you have the cash, why not automate that mofo? You could easily snag up this $11.975 million Greenwich estate already fitted with an outdoor sheet.

Custom Equipment

Kane's custom skates for 2009 Winter Classic

Kane’s custom skates for 2009 Winter Classic

We’ve all dreamt of being an NHL player just for the gear. Imagine a brand new set of wheels built around the molds of your feet, each completely custom… And an endless supply of sticks to your exact height, weight, flex, and curve specifications. We’re getting all warm inside just thinking about it.

Stanley Cup Replica

Stanley Cup

Of course, we wish we could hoist, or maybe heist, the Stanley Cup, but we respect the greatest game too much to rid the greatest league of the greatest trophy known to man. But that won’t stop us from having a perfect replica of it proudly displayed in our mancave or private rink… or bedroom.

Personal Fantasy Camp

Mario Lemieux fantasy camp

“Hey Mario, you got center. Patty Kane take right wing, I got the left side. Bourque and Shea Weber you good to start on D? We’re starting against Hull, Gretzky, Ovechkin, Karlsson, and Paul Coffey so let’s be ready. We got Lundqvist shutting the door for us while we’ll be sniping Roy…” Fill in the rosters with all the other legends and current superstars you want. Just make sure you get the beers flowing in the locker room to hear some epic stories.


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