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What Your Goal Celebration Says About You

As we all know, half the fun of scoring a goal is getting to celebrate (celly) afterward. It’s your chance to showcase your supremacy over your opponent while also showing off your moves to the resident puck bunnies (check out this guide to hockey terminology if you’re struggling to keep up).  But, be warned, if you aren’t skilled in the art of cellying, then post-goal antics could prove downright embarrassing. Either way, how you celebrate a goal, says a lot about what kind of player you are.

The Humble Defensive Defenseman

A true blue line warrior. A stay-at-home, get stick-on-puck, never beat on one-on-one kind of guy. Scoring is not part of your job description. In fact, you miss the net at least twice as much as you find the back of it. Despite this, when you miraculously find the twine, you act like you’ve done it hundreds of times.  No over-the-top celly, just a couple fist bumps with teammates, maybe a smile or a brief hand raise and that’s it.  This is foreign territory and you don’t like all eyes on you.  Plus, everyone knows that the goal was 75% luck and 25% a screen in front, so don’t act like you meant to, stay humble.

The Glass Banging Grinder

If you’re a grinder you probably score more than the average D-man, but not by much. The team relies on you to win puck battles and go to the dirty areas, not for production.  But even a blind squirrel finds a nut, right?! Usually, you score by deflection, rebound, or by being Johnny-on-the-spot when you get caught late on a shift and your team’s star dangles the opposition before finding you backdoor for a tap-in.

You go with the tried and true screaming glass slap. The boards are where you make your money, so you might as well celebrate there. Punch the glass like it’s your opponent’s goon and scream with everything you’ve got. Then head taps for all the boys that helped get you on the scoresheet.

The Streak Breaker


You’re in a rough patch and are getting more frustrated by the game.  When you finally break your drought it is nothing but pure joy and relief. You are too pumped to do anything theatrical so you just scream with everything you have. Now don’t get this confused with the D-man celly. You are throwing your hands in the air out of relief, not surprise.

The Shootout Stopper

Goalies salivate at the opportunity to try their hand at a cellying if they can win the game with a shootout save. Usually it involves going down on one knee with any variation of an over exaggerated fist pump. Sometimes they turn out really cool, but most of the time we’re all hoping they don’t fall over and make a fool of themselves.

Mr. Apple

Mr. Apple is the guy who leads the team in assists every season. He is a true team guy and gets stoked when anyone scores. He skates as hard as he can toward the guy who just buried and patiently waits for him to finish his celebration before giving him a hockey hug. This is a very under appreciated role but a crucial part of any good celly.

The Celly Master

These are the cellys that everyone waits for. This guy scores like it’s his job and cellys like he’s getting paid overtime. He has to try out new cellys in practice because he can’t keep reusing his old stuff. These cellys are spectacles in themselves and are almost works of art. They can range from one knee ice grabs, to glass jumps, to shooting the goalie with your stick, shooting your glove out of the air, the jagr salute, and the classic riding the stick. When you score with this kind of frequency, you require a catalog of cellys.

The OT Winner

This is everyones favorite celly…well…if you’re a fan of the winning team. Someone’s goal just ended the game on the spot and elevated them to hero-status. This celly usually involves skating away and screaming as hard as possible while avoiding your teammates mobbing you. You deserve this spotlight, you hero!

The NHL ’94

You can’t make a list of celly types without including the original celebration. The NHL ’94 was the only celebration a goal scorer could do in the first installment of the NHL video game series. You could raise your stick above your head with both hands, thats all. Now it has become one of the funnier celebrations that can be done by an individual or a whole team. If you are ever feeling nostalgic throw this bad boy in after a goal or a win.

What is your favorite celly? Comment below and share our celly blog with your teammates!


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